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Informatie over Tedlar gaszakken

Tedlar sampling bags

Our Tedlar® Air Sampling Bags are made from the classic DuPont® film. The DuPont film is the industry standard and has a good stability for VOCs, sulfur compounds, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur hexafluoride. Our Tedlar sampling bags are made of 2mil Tedlar® PVF film. This film is tough, durable, and considered chemically inert to a wide range of compounds.

tedlar-sample bag pp fittingBags of Tedlar® film can be used for indoor air sampling, hazardous waste sites, leaking underground storage tanks, stack sampling, soil gas sampling, gas blending, calibration test standards, and most other gas sampling needs. All of our stock bags feature an eyelet and our patent-pending single 2-in-1 fittings that combine the valve and septum into one. Our bags are used worldwide by many professionals.

Performance features Tedlar foil

  • Tedlar bags are the Industry standard, the Tedlar film offers good stability for VOCs and some sulfur compounds.
  • Tedlar bags are made of clean top-grade clear Tedlar film for sample integrity and valid data.
  • Resist gas permeation both into and out of the bag.
  • Industry standard Tedlar film offers good stability for VOCs and some sulfur compounds.
  • Read more about the stability of different gasses in this report.
  • Available in many (custom) sizes.

Available fittings

  • Single stainless steel fitting: Maximum temperature is 107.2 C (225 F) due to the fitting O-ring.
  • Single PTFE fitting; Maximum temperature is 107.2 C (225 F) due to the fitting O-ring.
  • Single polypropylene fitting: Maximum temperature is 93.3 C (200 F) due to the fitting material.

Sizes of the standard Tedlar bags

  • 0,5 liter, 12,7 x 22,86 cm
  • 1 liter, 22,86 x 17,78 cm
  • 3 liter, 22,86 x 33,02 cm
  • 5 liter, 40,64 x 25,40 cm
  • 10 liter, 40 x 41,91 cm
  • 25 liter, 50,8 x 60,96 cm
  • 50 liter, 50,8 x 76,20 cm
  • 100 liter, 50,8 x 121,92 cm
  • 200 liter, 121 x 67 cm
  • 500 liter, 121,92 x 168,64 cm
  • 1000 liter, 121,92 x 274,32 cm

Other sizes are available on request. Please read more about our custom bags on this page.

Typical properties Tedlar foil

Unique properties of Tedlar* PVF film include excellent resistance to weathering, outstanding mechanical properties, and inertness towards a wide variety of chemicals, solvents, and staining agents. We deliver Tedlar® in clear. Our Tedlar ® PVF film available in thicknesses of 2.0 mil.

General properties are summarized in Table 1. Physical and thermal properties are summarized in table 2.

properties of Tedlar film

Physical and thermal properties Tedlar

Tedlar® PVF film is strong, flexible, and fatigueresistant. Its resistance to failure by flexing is outstanding. Tedlar® performs well in temperatures ranging from approximately –72 to 107°C (–98 to 225°F), with intermittent short-term peaking up to 204°C (400°F). Some physical and thermal properties of representative Tedlar® PVF films are summarized below.

properties of Tedlar film 2

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