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Gebruikershandleiding gaszakken

How to use sample bags?

Our Tedlar bags utilize a patent pending 2-in-1 fitting. By combining a shut-off valve and Teflon-lined septum, you are able to fill the bag and remove the sample for analysis with one fitting. The stem is used to connect 1/8” ID tubing for filling and emptying the bag. The septum can be used for removing the sample using a syringe. Fittings are available in polypropylene, stainless steel, and Teflon (PTFE).


  • Store sample bags in a clean area away from potential contamination sources.
  • Sample bags are designed for use at atmospheric pressure. Over pressurization (>2 psi) can cause the bags to burst.
  • Always ensure the bag, fitting, and tubing materials are appropriate for the compounds being sampled.
  • We do not recommend reusing air sample bags in most cases.
  • Sample bagshave no shelf life, they have an unlimited storage life prior to use. Just store them somewhere at room temperature and don’t expose them directly to bright (sun)light.

Operation instructions

To fill the bag:

  1. Connect the appropriate tubing (1/8” ID) from a sampling source to the stem on the side of the fitting.
  2. Open the valve by holding the stem and turning the top portion of the fitting counterclockwise one turn.
  3. When the bag is full (approx. 90% capacity), close the valve by holding the stem and turning the top portion of the fitting clockwise until it is finger tight.

To withdraw the sample using a syringe:

  1. Insert the needle into the red septum on the top of the fitting.
  2. Withdraw the sample and remove the needle, the septum will reseal itself. (Do not allow the needle to pierce the Tedlar film on the back side of the bag)

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