Kynar® PVDF Gasprobenbeutel Information

Kynar® PVDF sampling bags

Kynar® PVDF bags are manufactured from an ultra-clean top-grade 3-mil Kynar® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride [PVDF]). This material offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures. The Kynar® PVDF sample bags are delivered with polypropylene, PTFE and stainless steel fittings.

FluoroMark™ TW 08 films, based on Kynar® PVDF technology, are high-performance fluoropolymer films with uses in several markets and applications including solar panel topsheet and backsheet, gas-sampling bags, oil and gas storage liners, anit-graffiti coverings, and applications requiring extreme weathering resistance. FluoroMark™ films are offered at several thicknesses as well as glossy or matte finish to meet your product needs. Kynar® PVDF is a registered trademark of Arkema.

Performance features Kynar® PVDF foil

  • Excellent light transmission
  • Outstanding UV durability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High creep resistance
  • High thermal stability
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Electro-chemical stability
  • Ozone exposure resistance
  • Very low VOC and sulfur background
  • Good stability for some VOCs and many hydrocarbons
  • Good stability for CO, CO2 and methane
  • Good 24-hour storage stability for some sulfur compounds

Typical properties (Typical Data for 100µ film—Not Specification)

Test Test specification Results
Tensile Strength at Yield (MD/TD) ASTM D882 25 MPa / 25 MPa
Tensile Strength at Break (MD/TD) ASTM D882 29 MPa / 26 MPa
Elongation (MD/TD) ASTM D882 330% / 500%
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 1.78
Melting Point ASTM D3418 163-166 °C
Tensile Modulus (MD/TD) ASTM D882 760 MPa / 910 MPa


Our fittings

  • Single stainless steel fitting: Maximum temperature is 107.2 C (225 F) due to the fitting O-ring.
  • Single PTFE fitting; Maximum temperature is 107.2 C (225 F) due to the fitting O-ring.
  • Single polypropylene fitting: Maximum temperature is 93.3 C (200 F) due to the fitting material.

Sizes of the standard Kynar® PVDF bags

  • 0,5 liter, 12,7 x 22,86 cm
  • 1 liter, 22,86 x 17,78 cm
  • 3 liter, 22,86 x 33,02 cm
  • 5 liter, 40,64 x 25,40 cm
  • 10 liter, 40 x 41,91 cm
  • 25 liter, 50,8 x 60,96 cm
  • 50 liter, 50,8 x 76,20 cm
  • 100 liter, 50,8 x 121,92 cm
  • 200 liter, 121 x 67 cm
  • 500 liter, 121,92 x 168,64 cm
  • 1000 liter, 121,92 x 274,32 cm

Other sizes are available on request. Please read more about our custom bags on this page.

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